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Indian Language School

The Legacy of Success in Succession

Late Dr. (Mrs.) Rani Upadhyaye
Founder Principal 1982-84 1989-90

The ability to inspire is a rare gift possessed only by the most exceptional leaders, setting them apart from the average. And in the history of the Indian Language School, this gift was embodied in none other than the ingenious mind of Dr. Rani Upadhye. Her vision for a highly successful school, rooted deeply in Indian culture, captured the dreams, and hopes of many expatriates seeking a high-quality education. In a foreign land, the school's humble beginnings in a duplex house donated by the Indian Cultural Association served as a testament to Dr. Rani's unwavering dedication to creating an educational facility that would not only equip children academically but also instill in them a sense of global citizenship. With the support of the High Commission and the entire Indian diaspora, she laid the foundation for a solid institution that would forever stand as a symbol of her visionary leadership. And her vision was carried forward by the next Principal, who continued to nurture and expand upon the school's success, allowing it to flourish and grow beyond its humble beginnings.

Dr. Maira, with her clear vision, unwavering commitment to integrity, and steadfast sense of mission, took up the mantle of leadership at the Indian Language School, building upon the remarkable legacy left by her predecessor, Dr. Rani. With a keen eye for development and progress, Dr. Maira oversaw a plethora of noteworthy advancements in the school's history, from the auspicious visit of Fr. Kunnankal, Chairman of CBSE in 1985, to the grand inauguration of the Chandaria Laboratory and countless other accomplishments. Like a tiny sapling that has blossomed into a beautiful plant, the school flourished under Dr. Maira's guidance, providing students not only with a quality education following the CBSE curriculum, but also nurturing their all-round development.

Dr. (Mrs.) Renu Maira
Principal 1984 to 1989

Though there are many bosses worthy of admiration, only a handful of leaders possess the unique ability to infuse every action and behavior with an unparalleled energy, passion, and sense of connection. And in the world of education, one such exceptional leader stands head and shoulders above the rest - none other than Dr. Kanwar. Driven by an unshakeable commitment to providing her students and staff with the very best in quality education and facilities, she undertook the onus of propelling her school to new heights with fervent determination. Guided by a focus on digital learning, the school took giant strides forward, rapidly evolving into a vibrant learning community. The school's Annual Day celebrations were a sight to behold, showcasing the students' remarkable talents. Students eagerly sought admission to top universities across the globe, their hearts filled with gratitude towards the school for imparting invaluable memories and laying a rock-solid foundation for their future endeavors.

Dr. (Mrs.) Suman Kanwar
Principal 1990- 2013

To quote the eminent John C. Maxwell, "A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way," and Dr. Kanwar has embodied this very principle throughout her remarkable journey. “A compassionate leader with a heart so kind, A strength so firm, a spirit refined, Guiding with wisdom, inspiring with grace, Leading with empathy, in every place, A true example of a leader divine, A beacon of hope, for all of time.”

As the great novelist George Eliot once observed, "Humor is also a way of saying something serious." And in the hallowed halls of education, few possess this unique talent as effortlessly as Mrs. Mathew – an educationist with an uncanny ability to marry the weightiest of matters with just the right touch of levity and wit. During her tenure as Principal of the esteemed Indian Language School, Mrs. Mathew navigated the inevitable challenges that come with such a prestigious role. Building upon the strong foundation laid by her predecessor, Dr. Kanwar, Mrs. Mathew fearlessly led the school through times of great uncertainty, including a harrowing Ebola scare and other unforeseen obstacles. With the unwavering support of her devoted staff, parents, and the board of Trustees and Indian High Commission, she proved time and again that no challenge was too great to overcome.

Mrs Elizabeth Mathew
Principal 2013-2017

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