Democracy is defined as the government of the people, by the people and for the people. iVoice is a way of expressing democracy in the school. iVoice has come a very long time over the past year.

The school takes our articles seriously and iVoice has become a force in our school's politics. And a potent one at that. The polls have become an excellent method of gauging popular opinion in the school. Some of the spoof articles (The Lunchbox Wars, The Battle of the Sexes etc) have become hugely popular. The crossword and 'Ask Jeeves' were brought back by popular demand. (By the way, we request you send more questions for Jeeves because otherwise, he will be the next victim of the credit crunch). Stebin did a great job of the cartoons and we are hopeful that we can find a cartoonist of comparable talent.

This is unfortunately going to be a period of transition for iVoice as most of the current team will be leaving as their school life ends (we know you'll miss themJ). Raveena Lokur is the new editor and we are sure that the newsletter will continue achieving the high standards that the students expect of it. The next phase in iVoice's development should be a plan to put iVoice onto the internet so that it can be accessed by ILS alumni and others. It has to keep growing for the better of the school. All popular opinion has not been acted upon by the school (the black shoes thing, eating in class etc), but at least the students are being heard. As time goes by, it should be possible for some excellent ideas to be put forward directly by iVoice which will be good enough to be adopted immediately by the school. Another issue that should be addressed is the funding of the newsletter. It would probably be best to start charging for copies of the newsletter so that each edition comes out as quick as possible.

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