Course Fees

Payment Procedures

The Procedure for the payment of the school dues is as follows:

There will be 2 terms in this session - April to September and October to March. Parents may pay the school dues either in one installment in April or in two equal installments; one for each term. As before, the School appeals to parents to pay the dues in one installment, if they can afford to, as it helps ease out our accounting problems.

Dues will be paid only in cash or certified cheque as informed by the school office.

On payment of dues at the bank, the stamped teller marked "School Copy" must be presented to the school office immediately thereafter. If the teller is not presented to school by the last date indicated below a late fee of N 5000.00 per child will be levied. The last date with late fee is 30th April and 31st October for the two terms. After that, the name will be struck off from the school register.

After the due date banks will not accept any payment if the late fee is not included. No reminder will be sent for the late payment, and if the parent wishes the child to continue in the school it will be treated as new admission.

While filling in the pay-in-slips the details of name, grade, section are to be legible. No receipt will be issued.

Tellers not submitted will be treated as dues not paid and the rule of late payment will apply. Parents are therefore requested to go through the break-up of dues carefully.

Parents, who face problems in meeting the above deadline for payments of dues, should make a written application to the Principal and obtain written approval for deferred payment.

Parents who wish to pay the fee in more than two installments may see the Principal. The Principal's decision in this regard will be the final.

Refund of Dues

School dues are not refundable if the child does not join the school.

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