Alumni Association at MSN

On the 1st of October 2001 an alumni site, was created at the MSN Groups.

A site that leaped all boundaries and drew friends together from across many oceans . This site which has become a part of our daily lives has reached a milestone in its history. This site which has so many memories associated with it, memories which have imprinted themselves in our minds like footprints in the sands of time. Memories which have drawn 80 members together under one common name and one common roof, that of Insomniacs. On the 1st of October 2003 Insomniac Ils turned two years old. Insomniac ILS is a special bond we all share. It is a symbol of our strength, unity, friendship and love for each other. A love which I hope will grow over time and will symbolize itself on this site for years to come.

– Anuj Trehan (Manager Insomniatic ILS)

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