What exactly is poetry?? The Oxford Dictionary defines poetry as Ďa quality that pleases the mind in a poetic wayí. Codswallop in my opinion! Itís more like Ďa quality that annihilates the mind in a subtle wayí !!!!!!


Poetry and I just refuse to get along! This enmity is not recent, it dates back right from the time I had to learn lengthy poems for my English orals. I used to literally pore over my books for hours on an end, but my brain just wouldnít cooperate and comprehend the words that came my way. Finally as the last resort, I would mug up the poem without understanding it and then puke it out in front of the teacher!


As I graduated, so did the level if difficulty of the poems! We were now expected to interpret the poem in our own words, understand them, derive a moral/lesson from them and what not!!??!! Each line had 10,000 interpretations! That was fun though, but I suffered a starting problem- and a major one at that! And that problem continues to exist!


I can never understand why the poets canít express their feelings in essays or long paragraph forms! What can be portrayed through killer poetic lines can also be expressed in the beautiful and descriptive sentences! I always fail t understand that (and fail miserably!!)


Another uncanny similarity that all poets share is their past/life history! All of them have had tragic, depressing and turbulent lifeís......and all end up killing themselves! Pick up any poet and go through his/her life history, youíll understand what I mean! Its like a pre-requisite for qualifying as a poet, an unwritten rule (They had turbulent lives and now are making sure that we to have the same kind of lifestyle....even years after they are dead and gone!!!)


My teacher(s) have tried their level best (and are still trying) to help me develop an interest in poetry. But the mere word Ďpoetryí drives me up the wall!!

Just the other day I was discussing this with my second mom, and she passed an extremely thought provoking comment Ė Either I donít pay attention in class or I donít take down notes while the lessons on!! After pondering over it for a minute, I realized that she was absolutely 100% right (as usual!). But the moment the teacher announces that she is teaching a poem, I automatically shut out what ever she says after that. After listening to this lame excuse of mine, she told me a way to go about learning/developing an interest in poetry:



Keep an open mind for poetry; itís a fabulous world, the land of imagination Ė where there are no corners and no milestones to cover. Poetry can mystify/puzzle you, but thereís a beauty in that mystery as well. Donít look at poetry from an exam perspective, thereís much more to poetry than that!!


I was so moved by this little speech that I immediately decided that I would consciously make an effort to take an interest in poetry. But will u believe it, after I made this resolution, Iíve not had a single English class ;)

So if thereís any one who thinks poetry is boring or the bane of your existence, I would advise you to think again!

  BY-  Raveena Lokur  XI B

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