Some sort of politics is prevalent in all societies. Wherever human beings group, politicking among them is a common feature .Schools are not an exception to this rule. Cliques are formed between people who have similar upbringings and value systems.

This is not necessarily a bad thing but yet it can get out of control when other people feel alienated or hurt due to groupism. Among the younger ones, students form groups or ‘gangs’, which compete for ‘supremacy’.

However, this is usually good clean fun and competition rarely gets out of hand. In middle school, however, the issue becomes more of a problem. This can lead to ugly infighting in classes, malicious gossip and backstabbing.  Every group tries to establish its status in society and gets its own unique identity. This identity can be of the ’party animal’ variety or the ‘sport crazy’ variety and so on. This establishment of identity could lead to bad behavior, and generally appalling demeanour in school. Due to status of a particular group of people, they get many ‘hangers-on’ or ‘wannabes’ to use American slang who are willing to run errands for them and become all but willing slaves to their every whim.

Sometimes this groupism can hamper a person’s chance of fitting into a school and he/she can find it hard to break into a particular group especially during these middle school years. This also leads to high levels of peer pressure although this does have a positive impact on the child’s behavior as well as he/she becomes more socially aware and able to deal with pressure in life after school. This can imbibe a winning mentality in some people which encourages them to excel in all fields.

Finally, in the senior most years of school, people become more mature and malleable and as a result the tensions of middle school also subside. However there are always some more hardened cases who take much longer to thaw their behaviours towards others and accept everyone as a good friend. However there are also some people who are fine with remaining aloof due to perhaps some insecurities over mixing with general populace (haha!)

Whatever the disadvantages of school politics, it does keep us alert, on our toes and prepared for life after school(which is the whole point of a school after all!!!!!)

By Yash Siddhartha XI-A

CIS(Council of International schools) tours organized an educational tour for some renowned universities (including Brown,  Columbia, Drake etc) of the United States of America. Our school took interested students from grades 11 and 12 for this educational tour. Mrs Vani Nethiar accompanied us. The bus ride from the school to the venue at 25, Ikoyi Crescent took close to 1 hour and it was definitely an integral part of making the experience fun.

We played music all the way and it gave all of us the chance to unwind and talk as much as we wanted (not that we don’t do so in class, teachers would say). At the venue there was a pretty intensive security check and after a few bomb scares (ha-ha!!) we were allowed through. After a brief introduction made by the Consular General and speech by one of the university’s representatives, a successful applicant from Nigeria working in the USA gave us a riveting speech on how he started off as one of us.

Officials from the US embassy’s visa processing wing gave us some valuable advice on how to apply for student visas to the US. After this we were allowed to go and meet representatives of the universities which offered courses of interest to us. Brown, Drake and Columbia universities were  the most frequented stalls and almost ran out of flyers!!!Colleges specializing in almost all fields were present, especially in the Arts stream.

People who offered courses in SAT coaching and the West African representatives for College Board who organize SAT exams in Nigeria (GIEVA) were also present with registration forms and other flyers. Then came the moment of truth!!. We were served free drinks!!!!!.. Soon however it was time to go back to school, Mrs. Vani Nethiar rounded us up like so many cattle and soon we were back in the bus again on our way back to school.

By Yash Siddhartha XI-A


School: The New ‘Political’ Arena:

Am I talking about elections? Nope. Read on to find out more!!

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Recently we had a cool talk– cum– presentation with Lisha Mansukhani, who has come a long way in her career as a copy writer. She is an ex-student of ILS from our very first batch. Lisha gave us a talk on what advertising is, apart from it being known as a “glamour world”, the ways to get through it and much more. She discussed about her journey from St Xavier's College in Mumbai to US, and how she stumbled into the field of advertising. According to her, once in the advertising business, there is no time for “R and R”. Your first day on the job is your first assignment, and from then on you have 8 day weeks. Being a copy writer requires lots of skill with words and language, a creative mind and good temperament under pressure. After her talk she showed us a number of ads which she was a part of -ranging from Hutch to Fair & Lovely to ads for social awareness campaigns. At the end it was an enlightening presentation which I think would have changed our outlook towards “Advertising”.

By Megha Bhaskar XI-A