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Its Physics class, Monday. The day is clear. Children play in the playground in school; others are busy learning in their classes. But something sinister lurks beneath the surface in grade 12. A boy leans over to his bag, unzips it and pulls out a grey box, peers inside and sees a sausage sandwich. He then quickly closes it as beads of sweat run down his forehead. He realizes the gravity of the situation. Who will he be forced to give it to today? Will he be forced to succumb to pressure or can he enjoy this piece of bread himself for a change and risk dying a thousand deaths? Who is he? Why does he have to make such mundane-seeming choices???

He is an integral piece in the cog of the Lunch Box Wars; an innocent seeming, yet deadly ritual that plagues the Twelfth Grade. He, my friends, is what we call a supplier. His task is simple but not so simple. Supply or face the consequences…
But who does he supply to? Does he favour his region supplying people near where he sits or smuggle it to the far corner where he might get more than fair payment and the opportunity to barter some? In doing so, he risks alienation. You do not turn your back on your family. We follow what the Italians call the law of omerta(silence) . It involves complete faith in your region. No turning on each other, no disrespect, no dealing with outsiders. Break it and you will be broken too.

As usual there is a lot more demand than supply. Suppliers work along a system of barter and production. They bring their produce and barter it for other keeping the supply going. But quality control is key. Vegetarian food falls on the bottom of the quality chain while chicken ranks top. Exceptions are always available though. At certain times, veggie food is preferred over others but it’s a rare phenomenon.

Suppliers need to be very time-conscious. Supplying good at the right time plays a big role. It builds reputation and reliability. To build up a good reputation its important to supply under the noses of the most vigilant teachers. Mr. Tanny rates highest. Supply under his watch and your on the way to becoming a prime supplier.

Now I’ll take you through the kingpins of the Lunch Box business. These are very secretive people and I managed to obtain their names using very unorthodox methods. The sacrifices I make for journalism. Here are THE kingpins from the science section-(Gr.XII A)

1) Jayesh Makhija- The new King of consumption. Probably the most well-known. He makes no secret of his desire for food and its rumoured he ate all the food in the CLASS once. Also noted to be the stingiest of kingpins.

Chief Supplier- Jayesh has a vast web and is supplied by pretty much everybody. He is also the only person who gets supplies from outside the class as well.

2) Dhruv Khullar- His diminutive, shy personality hides a quick pair of hands at putting food away.

Chief Supplier- He is the only person that has no principle suppliers but relies mainly on his own lunch-box to satisfy his needs.

3) Yash Siddhartha- Yash is quite past his prime unfortunately but in the “good ‘ol days”, he could put quite a bit away.
Chief Supplier- Danish Sodhi

Had loads of suppliers in the past, but decreased capacity has diminished his sheen somewhat.

4)Mohit Barkale – Heir apparent to the Yash Siddhartha throne. His ability to eat like a bull and stay thin as a stork is confounding.

Chief Suppliers –Akash Agarwal, Kunal Sarkar

At times, he pools resources with Jayesh Makhija as well. Research to be continued on the wars in the next edition……..

Identity of journalist is being withheld for safety reasons.

By   Saumil Shah , XII A


The Lunchbox Wars— PART 2


The class has started to divide itself into two sections. The inability of the Sagar Saxena-Dhruv Khullar-Saumil Shah- Yash Siddhartha section to finish their food has sparked a battle between royalty. Barkale and Makhija have started to usurp the entire class and take over key suppliers.

The Invaders

Rohan Savara – A conqueror of Genghis Khan Proportions. His large size and bulk belie his ability to move quick as a cat to get at the grub. He uses brute force when necessary with terrifying consequences for unwilling suppliers.

Deep Shah – His ability to move from lunchbox to lunchbox leaving only leftovers behind is the stuff of ILS legend.

Special Supplier

Mohit Devnani’s food – If you can get at his food with regularity, you’re at the peak of your lunchbox-emptying      career. Demand far exceeds supply in his case.

Result : Rohan Savara is the true king of all kingpins !

Worst suppliers :

You qualify to be considered a pathetic supplier if you

A)   Don’t bring enough food

B)   Bring food that can’t be shared.

 C)  Bring unpopular food (veggies….yuck!)

Under these parameters, our worst suppliers are:

Saumil Shah - I (Yash) say that he qualifies under rule A

Sagar Saxena – He qualifies under rule B (apples, I ask you !)

Girls in commerce section – Sorry, vegetables are NOT the way to go. BY - Yash Siddhartha, XII A


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