Farewells are never enjoyable occasions but this one was particularly poignant. After spending one’s happiest and best years of life in one place it is even harder to leave. Especially if that place is one as special as ILS……..

9th February was a day on which ILS could be described as nothing less that glamorous. The days events began with the entry of the Grade XII students and the teachers, all escorted into the beautifully decorated multipurpose hall by the students of Grade XI. The program began with the first of two solo songs performed by Harshitha Krishnan. Then was a welcome speech by Vinayak Chopra and the lighting of the ‘candles of enlightenment’. Then was a period of reminiscence as we listened to the touching speeches given by the soon to be OSAILS. Tanya Tandon, Prasad Raghu, Nitish Kolgade, Prashant Wadhwani, Tanya Singhania, Mahima Dave and Shubhangi Chaturvedi all shared with us fond memories of days in ILS and experiences that shaped them into who they are today. Mrs. Kanwar also gave a speech on her experiences which she had with this class and the lessons they should take on with them into the world.

With everyone’s feelings put out on the table the festivities began starting with the cutting of the cake. Then the teachers and students of Grade XII joined together for a game of musical arms, in which Arshi Agarwal took home the prize. The highlight of the program was the long awaited ramp walk where each student first answered their question with poise and then walked down the ramp with style. After the second performance by Harshitha Krishnan the results were announced. Amit Wadhwani and Divya Thavrani won the titles of Mr. and Ms. Popular and Prashant Wadhwani and Satarupa Ray were crowned Mr. and Ms. ILS 2007-08.

In the end it was all smiles as everyone engaged themselves in taking pictures to remember those moments as some of the most special ever. Despite the grief of seeing a wonderful chapter of one’s life coming to a close there prevailed a joy in every students’ eyes. A joy of knowing that wherever life takes them from here on they will always carry with them the lessons, friendships and experiences from ILS, and they are taking much more with them than they are leaving behind.                                                 By                                                                Aman Gulati             ( Editor’s NoteIt was Aman’s  farewell too and the whole of the  new batch of  Gr.XII   and the i-Voice team are going to miss him very   much  )

Contrary to the expectations of most people in our school, the girls have performed better in the AKOFA Ivy League basketball tournament held a week ago. The Senior Boys have crashed after winning once against Greensprings Schools, but then losing two in a row to Avi Cenna International  and Ifako International Schools. . The girls on the other hand, won all of their matches comprehensively battering the opposing teams. So, this is their answer to any chauvinists we may have in our school !! Our own internal polls last week recorded that a significant number of people expected the boys to perform better in the competition than girls!! (almost 10 % more )

The girls team consisted of Prabhjeet Kaur (this newspaper’s MVP) , Amrth Sait, Poonam Pardesi, Gareema Lakhanpal, Mehek Dudani , Andrea Fernandes,  Deanne Bhamgara, among others and the boys team consisted of Saumil Shah, Rohan Savara , Sagar Saxena , Aman Gulati, Dhruv    

Khullar , Mohit Devnani, Vishal Kirpalani , Neeraj Alexander, Nayan Yadav , Lavish Bhambhani , Jayesh Makhija and of course yours truly (I PROMISE it wasn't my fault we lost !! ...haha !! ) …….

The team would like to take this opportunity to thank Mrs.Nandle for organizing these matches and the basketball coach Mr. Femi for intensifying our passion for the game even more (if that is possible). The results ( at least for the boys ) do not reflect on his abilities as a coach. For most of us seniors , this might be our last match in the school colours, so we can only hope future teams better luck than we had. Also, let us now hope that the girls and the junior teams can win some major silverware for our school as well.

All sports  in ILS are on a rise as of now and let’s hope that the trend continues. ILS on 3 ;

1……...2……….3………..ILS !!!

By   Yash Siddhartha






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A very effective method……     1) Raw materials                              Your 4 inch heart                                     An endless supply of emotions

2) Ingredients                                  1 pinch of attitude                                     1 drop of temper                              1/2 mug of fun                                Endless supply of trust, tolerance, and time                              Stir evenly, slowly and continuously                                                                                                               3) Manufacturing expenses                 Nil ( sounds economic right ? )        

4) Profit :- Endless  :-)                            

   Loss :-   Variable

5) Dressing : A date now and then, mushy poems on birthdays and a few cute gifts …..  ;-)

1 serving per lifetime, try one more if  1st one  backfires            Effectives of recipe increases with maturity                                                     Signed …..Cupid

By Satarupa Ray , Gr XII



Love as a Gift

Poll conducted by Vinayak Chopra,    Dhruv Khullar , Sanjana Dinkar and Deep Shah