The Inter-House Basketball Tournament is one of the most awaited Tournaments of the year. Heroes have been made and villains have been found in this very intense set of matches. This year holds to be the same, if not more challenging. While we do have other Inter-House tournaments, this one has a truly different atmosphere.

The emergence of a proficient Girls Basketball Team has truly leveled the playing field among all four houses. It isn’t just a match of endurance and stamina among three boys anymore, it’s more of how coordinated a team is.

This year’s probable starting line-ups are as follow:-


All teams seem evenly matched save Ganga House who have a surprisingly weak team compared to their usual standards.

The Double Point Rule (where every point scored by a girl counts for 2x the original) should be made defunct as the Girls are now at par, when it comes to playing standards, with the Boys.

The matches are played League style where all teams face each other at some point of time. My predictions are as follows:-

Ganga VS Yamuna- Yamuna have the edge statistically in this one. However, Ganga might be able to pull this off if they play a pressurized, physical game against Yamuna’s slightly weaker (physically) team. But the ball is in Yamuna’s court. All they have to do is keep a cool head during this match. Double-Teaming Siddhartha can effectively cut out Ganga’s offence.


Ganga VS Krishna- Krishna should take this one with ease. Ganga is very weak defensively and can easily be exploited. Ganga’s only hope will be in the outside shooting prowess of it’s players.


Ganga VS Cauvery- Once again Ganga will be the heavy underdog for this one. Cauvery, reigning champions, have a well-balanced team with good offensive and defensive players. Their reserves can take this one! But a good omen for the Gangaites-In the last three years, Cauvery has thrown at least one winnable match due to scrappy play.

MY PREDICTION- CAUVERY WINS (I’m beginning to see a pattern ;-)   )

Cauvery VS Yamuna- This should be a good one. Against all odds, Yamuna beat Cauvery last year, almost denting their championship hopes. Cauvery will be out for revenge with this one! The Guards(Devnani especially) will have to take the ball-runner out from the flanks and this can cut Yamuna’s attack. Also, outside shooters will have to be pressurized as Yamuna has great shooters (Fernandez and Sait).


Cauvery VS Krishna- This will probably be the highlight of the DAY and, probably the championship decider! Both teams are evenly matched with experienced multi-faceted players. Their defenses are strong and attacks even stronger. Krishna could play a full-court press to block out Cauvery’s lethal attack while Cauvery must look to spread the ball around amongst all players. In the end the match will be decided in the prowess of either team’s defensive coordination.


Krishna VS Yamuna- Krishna have this one. Yamuna might pull this one if they look to drive in and get fouls.



Teams– Cauvery – Strengths- Very High scoring players and excellent interior defense ( Shah ,Saxena and Dudani) , Weakness- Tendency to lose focus in comparatively easy games

Krishna – Strengths- Very fast game play and very good perimeter defense ,  Weakness- Lack of a really dominant presence in the paint.

 Yamuna- Strengths- Potentially explosive scorers, Weakness- A bad defense and selfishness on offense

 Ganga – Strengths- Good shooters and excellent work ethic, Weakness- Lack of depth , no offense or defense to talk about


So here’s how things stand,

GANGA      -   0 wins, 3 losses

YAMUNA -   1 wins, 2 losses

CAUVERY -   2 wins, 1 loss

KRISHNA -   3 wins 0 losses


So Krishna look set to take the championship unless thwarted by Cauvery. It all hangs in the balance.

Starting Line-ups—

Ganga- Yash Siddhartha, Akash Agarwal, Vinay Daylani,   Priya Puthankar , Elizabeth Thomas/Shivani Parmar


Krishna - Dhruv Khullar, Rohan Savara, Vishal Kriplani, Prabhjeet Kaur, Sanjana Dinkar


Cauvery - Saumil Shah, Mohit Devnani , Lavish Bhambani    Mehek Dudani, Gayatri Lakhanpal


Yamuna - Nayan Yadav, Mohit Barkale, Andrea Fernandes,Amrath Sait ,  Shaunak Ghosh

BY-Saumil Shah (asstd. by Yash Siddhartha)









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