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Use the Login link to enter into the Student and other ILS Records. In case you do not have your username or password, kindly contact the ILS Help Desk or send mail to and request for the same. Make sure to also send your details like Full Name, Current grade, Date of Birth and Year/ Grade of joining ILS along with the request.

Text Books and Stationery
The school follows the curriculum of the Central Board of Secondary Education, India. One set of textbooks will be given to each child to use during the academic year.

All textbooks are to be returned to the school at the end of the year, or when a child leaves in the MIDDLE OF THE TERM.

The children everyday should bring stationary material to school. Art and Craft material should be brought on days required.

Birthday Celebration
Children are not to bring gifts and eatables. A small packet containing sweets will only be allowed.

Absence from School
No leave of absence is granted to a child except on prior written application from parents / guardians to the school office.

If a student of Grade IX - XII remains absent on a Friday i.e. a day before test, he will not be allowed to do the test on Saturday unless he brings a leave letter from his parents.

Quarantine period for contagious diseases:
    The Quarantine period for contagious diseases such as measles, mumps, chicken pox etc. should be strictly followed for a period 15 days.

School Uniform - Boys
Children should adhere strictly to the specifications of the school Uniform.
   K.G. to Grade VIII - Navy blue shorts as per pattern (To be worn 4 inches above the knee)

   Grade IX - XII - Navy blue trousers.
      White Shirt with half sleeves with 1 pocket on the left side with school badge fixed on the pocket. (Vest to be worn underneath)

      Black leather shoes with laces / White canvas shoes with laces on P.E. days.

      White socks (calf length).

   K.G. to Grade XII
      White shorts as per pattern (to be worn 4 inches above the knee) on P.E. days.

   Grade IX - XII can wear white trousers if they wish.

   Black belt if required.

   Note: Sikh boys will wear a navy blue turban or headgear.

School Uniform - Girls
   K.G. to Grade III - Navy blue pinafore to be worn 1 inch above the knee. School badge to be fixed on left side. (Bloomers to be worn underneath)

   Grade IX to XII - Navy blue skirt 1 inch above the knee (Bloomers to be worn underneath).

   Black hair band, ribbon or clips only.

   White shorts - For P.E. for Grade K.G. to III

   White divided skirt or white shorts - for P.E. for Grade IV to XII

   Black flat shoes with strap and white socks (calf length).

   White canvas shoes with laces on P.E. days.


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