School is a building that has four walls... with tomorrow inside...
- Lon Walters

The place of school in the life of an individual is invaluable in shaping his or her future. School reinforces the foundation of knowledge and creates opportunities to discover and develop the innate potential of a child.
Both parents and teachers play significant roles in this process, as they share the common goal of building up the young.
The PTA, is thus an essential component of school, as it creates a forum which facilitates the combined efforts of parents and teachers, in shaping young lives.

Mrs. Sonali Gupta (Principal ILS, Chairperson - PTA)

Parent Teacher Meeting
Parents can meet the teachers according to the schedule given in the school calendar. In case of a change, it shall be posted on website.

It is requested that parents do not telephone staff at home unless they have been invited to do so.

PTA Election
The parent Teacher Association holds elections to the Executive Committee in the month of July / August. Parents are requested to participate actively in the P.T.A.

Messages and Left at Home Articles
Parents are urged to restrict messages to their children during school hours to those of AN URGENT NATURE. We cannot guarantee that their wards will receive a message. In case a student leaves his/her lunch, kit etc. at home it is wisest not to deliver it to him/her; he/she will quickly learn to be more responsible if he/she has to bear the consequences of his/her forgetfulness.


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