Rules of Discipline  

Rules of Discipline
At Indian Language School, we believe in inculcating a sense of discipline in our students

  • Punctuality is considered important.
  • Every student should be habitually clean and must come neatly dressed in the School uniform.
  • Nails must be short, clean and unvarnished.
  • Hair must be clean, neat and off the face.
  • Valuable articles like expensive watches, jewellery, and audio visual equipment and large sums of money should not be brought to school.
  • The following habits are most undesirable:
    • Use of abusive language
    • Rowdyism and rude behaviour in the school or in the bus
    • Hitting, pinching, biting and scratching others especially those who are smaller in age/size
    • Throwing anything at others and such other unmannerly conduct
    • Chewing gum during school hours
    • Being absent from assembly, lessons, sport or activities without permission
    • Cheating
    • Dishonesty
    • Stealing
    • Carrying and usage of mobile phones within the school premises
    • Bringing Indian Language School into disrepute by inappropriate behaviour in and out of school

Traffic Rules (To be followed strictly)
As the school is situated in a residential area, parents are asked to be considerate of our neighbours when parking in the vicinity of the school. Please exercise the greatest caution, particularly at peak traffic times: the safety of our students is paramount. The school receives many angry calls from members of the public reacting to parents/drivers who break the traffic rules. So, we urge the parents to co-operate and obey the traffic regulations.

Entry: allowed only from:
Coker Road to Oba-Nle Aro (in a single lane only) AND Aina George St to Akinsete Drive

Exit: towards:
Akinsete Drive / Johnson Street.

No 'U' turns are allowed on Oba-Nle Aro or on Akinsete Drive.

Company, School Buses / Cars:
Company, School Buses / Cars can be parked in the Parking Lot at no. 11 Johnson Street. No car or bus should be parked along Oba Nle Aro Avenue or along Akinsete Drive.

Parents are requested to pool / share cars so as to reduce the congestion of traffic outside the school. If any child is found not sharing a car and coming alone in a car, necessary action will be taken. Parents are also requested to instruct their children not to waste time when alighting from the vehicle. Children should keep their bags and water bottle ready before approaching school to save time and to avoid traffic jams.

Parents are further requested not to patronize the vegetable vendors outside school as this causes a nuisance to the school and to the residents.

Please instruct your drivers about the above regulations and ask them not to leave their vehicles parked so as to block the entrance of the various residences along Oba Nle Aro and Akinsete Drive in the afternoon when they come to pick the Children.

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